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Ad Publication, Experiential/Environmental, Look-book Catalog, Brochure, Logo Design + with a significant focus in SanMar Sports & Sportswear.

A Look Inside SanMar Sports Trifold Brochure project for print marketing and digital media outlets.


Task: Refresh SanMar Sports Trifold Brochure from previous design
must have:
•Keep existing team colors
•Keep existing products while adding new garments
•Update for color corrections
•Update team logos to better blend with garments "team colors"
•Make more cohesive layout and clearer product description


Previous Trifold:
Updated Trifold:

•took a more UI, infographic approach to the layout and content organization

•added color coding to arrows that is easy for the reader to see what descriptions belong to what garment

•updated layout for easy flow of information & images
•kept dynamic photos but adjusted scaling 

•updated and color corrected team logos to match garments
•added website for a call to action bar

Family of Brands, Logos White
Large Scale Poster for Tradeshows, Environmental, 64" x 50
Portable Booth Image_low res mock_SK_2.tif