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The concept was to create a memorial for the victims of unjust police violence in America. The goal was to depict the struggle that many Americans face because of their race. The American flag, death, the names of the deceased, newspaper, grit, power, can’t breath, social injustice, systemic oppression and racism were all elements used within this design.

UNsilenced depicts the silhouette of the social justice warrior refusing to be silent in the face of inequity. He embodies the spirit of resistance that defies injustice and dismantles systems of oppression in our communities and society at large.


Nested inside of the silhouette are the names of those whose lives were taken in gun violence and the unnecessary use of lethal force, despite them being unarmed. We carry their memory and the strength of their voices with us—and together we are UNsilenced.

Note: There have been 2 versions of this art since 2016. The second update was made in 2020 to include the new names like George Floyd & Breonna Taylor.

Deliverables: Typography Artwork for the Harvard Alumni of Color Conference 2018, social media, videography, Merchandise (tshirts, hoodies), posters and marketing assets.

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